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Oak House Farm News 3.9.20

As life returns to a bit more normal (isn’t it good to have the children back at school), we are continuing our delivery service started during lockdown. Customers within 6 miles from the farm can order either by email ( or phone 07768 088095. We will pick the order and then phone to take payment by either credit card or bacs, before delivering between 5.30 and 8pm on Friday evening. Anybody can use the service with no delivery charge and a minimum order of £10. Old Spot bloodlines One of our aims in running the farm is to preserve some of our British native breeds of livestock. Old Spot pigs have suffered a serious decline in numbers in recent years with only 568 registered sows and 123 boars left, approximately 65% fewer than there were in 2007. This decline threatens the genetic diversity of the breed. In order to assist with breeding programmes the breed is divided into 4 boar lines (Gerald, Patrick, Rufus and Sambo) and 15 sow lines. Of the sow lines, there are only 17 Star sows left and just 20 in the Muriel line. As one of the larger breeders of Old Spots, we try to have a diverse range of bloodlines and have a 7 of the sow lines within the herd. It would be a real pity if this iconic, docile (and tasty) breed were to die out. You can help out though—the more you eat, the more we can keep! Profile: Jasper and Ace Continuing last week’s theme of featuring a pair of animals, this week it is the turn of our donkeys Jasper and Ace. Hailing originally from Surrey, the pair have lived with us for nearly 10 years. They were purchased originally to help us to halter train cattle, a task that they are very good at, but did not really enjoy. Now they spend their time enjoying the sunshine in the summer and resting in their shed in the winter. Whilst Jasper and Ace love a carrot or an apple, they can get too many and we ask people stopping to say hello to them, not to feed them. Opening Times  Wednesday 9am - 3pm  Friday 9am - 5pm  Saturday 10am - 4pm  Please observe our C-19 precautions in the shop— one customer (or group of related customers) in the shop at a time please.

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