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Our herd of Red Poll suckler cows graze the pastures in our local villages. Red Polls, although now becoming rare, are the native breed of cattle in Suffolk and part of the Suffolk trinity (together with the Suffolk sheep and Suffolk horse).


Our cows (which stay with us for upto 20 years) produce a calf each year, which is either taken into the herd for breeding or reared for beef. Our beef animals produce the highest quality traditional beef, marbled with fat for the best flavour.


All of our cattle are outside at pasture in the summer, coming into spacious straw yards for the cold and wet winter months. We make the food for our cows on the farm, using cereals that we grow, and also produce all of the forage (silage, hay and straw) that they need. We do not feed our cattle by-products such as reject potato chips or bread.


Although we treat our cattle as advised by our vet if they are ill, we do not routinely give them any antibiotics.

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All of the animals that go through the shop are taken to our local slaughter-house on our own transport to minimise stress to the animals and food miles. Our beef is hung for a minimum of 3 weeks to enhance its flavour and it tastes fantastic!.

Our cattle are Red Tractor Assured, but as you can see we go far beyond the standards required in terms of tractability and transparency of our supply chain.

We occasionally have stock for sale. Feel free to get in touch to see if we have what you’re looking for.

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