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Our Gloucestershire Old Spot and Large White pigs are bred on the farm and produce succulent traditional pork.

Our sows live in a more extensive system than normal commercial pigs – they have 2 litters per year (rather than 2.5), their piglets live with them for 8 weeks (rather than 3) and we never use farrowing crates as we believe that restricting the ability of our pigs to move around is not right. Instead, our sows have their piglets in comfy strawed sheds with a special area for the piglets to get away from Mum! In between having piglets, in the summer months our girls live in arcs out in the field and enjoy a bit of sunbathing.

Our fattening pigs live in small groups in strawed sheds and yards. All of our pigs have access to the outdoors. Our pigs are fed on a cereal based diet that we make ourselves using the grain that we grow on the farm so we know exactly what they are eating. As with our cattle, we only use medicines when advised by our vet and do not routinely use antibiotics in their food, water or by injection.


All of the animals that go through the shop are taken to our local slaughter-house on our own transport to minimise stress to the animals and food miles. It is difficult to imagine meat with fewer food miles! We are very proud of the traceability and transparency in our pig production and believe that our system showcases the highest production standards.

In addition to providing pork for our own butchers, we also supply weaners for home rearing. If you are interested in rearing your own pork, please get in touch.

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