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Oak House Farm News 24.9.20

It is a real disappointment that covid-19 looks like it is going to be with us or a few months to come. We are maintaining our covid secure measures in the shop and our staff will also be wearing face coverings from now on. If you decide to limit your trips out, our free delivery service is available every Friday within 6 miles from the farm. Minimum order £10. Email your order to or phone it through to 07768 088095. Lupins We are very excited to report that we were able to harvest our first crop of lupins last weekend. Although the drought in the spring meant that the yield was less than we had hoped, we were able to harvest several tonnes, all of which will be used in our animal feed in the next few months. Lupins are an excellent source of protein, which is readily available to cattle and pigs with minimal processing (they just need to be milled). Within our ration, the lupins will replace imported soya, meaning that all of our animal feed will be grown in the UK, with 95% of it being grown here on the farm. This will reduce our tier 3 carbon emissions significantly and enable us to give the assurance that our customers are looking for, that our production system is fully sustainable. We will be running a number of trials over the next few months to ensure that the lupins provide the available source of protein as we expect and are already planning a greater area of the crop next year. Look out for our very special offers in the shop this week—details on facebook @oakhousefarm. Opening Times  Wednesday 9am - 3pm  Friday 9am - 5pm  Saturday 10am - 4pm O  Please observe our C-19 precautions in the shop— one customer (or group of related customers) in the shop at a time please.

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