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It’s our first birthday!! We want to say a big thanks to all of our customers for buying from us and for the extremely kind and supportive comments and feedback you have given us. We’re looking forward to seeing you this week. We’re now stocking Stokes Sauces to accompany our home reared beef, pork and lamb and local poultry.


This week: Martin

Martin will be a familiar face to some of our customers (especially those who visit on a Wednesday), as he is our master-butcher.

Martin has over 40 years of experience as a butcher and worked for the majority of his career in the butchers shop in Needham Market. His vast experience means that he is able to cater to any customer special requests.

Outside of work, Martin is a keen countryman and enjoys rough shooting and being out and about with his dogs.

Please join us in doing a little rain dance! It really is too dry for farming at the moment. The arable crops and our grass need some rain very soon to keep them growing.

One positive side-effect of the dry weather is that we have managed to cut around 60 acres of grass for silage this week. Yields are only around 40% of normal, but the quality has been really good.

Making silage is quite an intensive process, We start by mowing the grass with our mower/ conditioner. The conditioner helps the grass to dry quickly. The next day we arrange the grass into rows and then bale it into round bales before it dries out completely. Next we wrap the bales in plastic (which will eventually be recycled) using a wrapping machine and finally bring them back to the yard where they are stored in a big stack ready for use next winter.

Opening Times  Wednesday 9am - 3pm  Friday 9am - 5pm  Saturday 10am - 4pm

 Please observe our C-19 precautions in the shop (details on the door)


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Oak House Farm News

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