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Oak House Farm News 27.8.20

Suddenly it feels very autumnal, even thought we’re not yet at the end of August. We’ve got everything in stock that you need for your bank holiday weekend, whether you’re having a last BBQ for the season or your first casserole of the autumn. We also have a special offer this weekend to help out a bit in September. Spend £10 or more this weekend, and receive a voucher for 5% off your next purchase valid 1- 30 September Tractors A tractor is one of the more expensive purchases that most farms make. We have had our blue New Holland for about 9 years, during which time it has done about 6000 hours’ work. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago a major component failed, leaving a repair bill similar to the price of a reasonable car. Sometimes, it is better to cut your losses and we traded in our old blue tractor in favour of a new(er) green one. For the benefit of our tractor enthusiast readers, our new machine is a Deutz 6160.4, which develops 150 horsepower from it’s 4 cylinder engine. It can lift a massive 8,900kg on its rear link arms and has a total of 80 gears (40 forwards and 40 reverse). Hopefully you will see our Deutz tractor around the farm a lot over the next few years. Profile: Thelma and Louse Two of our large white pigs (Thelma and Louise) had piglets this week. They are full sisters and managed to farrow on the same day with very good litters of 13 and 11. Thelma and Louise will spend the next 8 weeks rearing their piglets in high welfare farrowing accomodation where they have plenty of space to move around. Opening Times  Wednesday 9am - 3pm  Friday 9am - 5pm  Saturday 10am - 4pm  Please observe our C-19 precautions in the shop— one customer (or group of related customers) in the

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