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Oak house farm news

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

We hope that your Easter was enjoyable (if slightly unusual). We had a very busy week again last week and hope you enjoyed your Oak House Farm meat

This week spring calving is in full swing. Most of our cows calve by themselves without help, but a few need assistance. Last Thursday we one of our cows was not calving as usual and we had to call out our vet to help her. As the calf was very large the only thing that we could do was a caesarean section, the first that we have had to do in 30 years of keeping cows. Unfortunately we were unable to save the calf, but the cow is now recovering well.

Sometimes we have to help calves to get their first milk from their mothers and we have had a couple that we have had to help this week. All in all, it’s a busy time of year!

COVID-19 precautions are in place in the shop. One customer (max 2 people) in the shop at a time If you are waiting outside, please remain at least 2 metres apart.

When you come into the shop, please do not touch anything.

We will pick and bag any products that you want to buy.

We would prefer payment by credit card machine (machine will be wiped between customers). If paying by cash, you will be asked to pay cash into our cash tin.

Opening Times

¨ Wednesday 9am till 3pm

¨ Friday 9am till 10pm (including Good Friday)

¨ Saturday 10am till 4pm

¨ Free delivery within 6 miles from the farm – call 07768 088095 or email

¨ to order

Full range of beef, pork, lamb and chicken, in stock.

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