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Oak House Farm 10.9.20

The wet weather a couple of weeks ago has really helped on the farm and the grass is now growing which will hopefully keep the cattle happy for a few more weeks. In the shop, we have a full range in stock this week with a couple of very attractive special offers. We look forward to seeing you. Oilseed rape Oilseed rape is a useful arable crop in the UK, providing a break between cereal crops and helping to develop a balanced rotation. The oilseed produced is usually crushed to release the oil (used in cooking or bio-diesel production) with the by-product being used as animal feed. Since the ban on neo-nicotinoid seed dressings in 2014 osr establishment has become increasingly difficult due to the cabbage stem flea beetle, a small insect that attacks and eats young osr plants and infests those that survive with its larvae that eat the plant from the inside. Establishing osr is now little more than a lottery. We decided to roll the dice this year and so far it looks like we have been lucky. The wet and damp weather in August was good for the osr and bad for flea beetle migration. Time will tell whether the warmer snap that we are now experiencing will change things. It is possible to use an insecticide to try to reduce the flea beetle population, although a lot of them are now resistant to the chemicals used. We are also mindful of the damage that insecticides can do to beneficial insects and use them only as a last resort. Profile: Dundee Dundee is our senior stock bull. Although he blends in well with a herd of Red Polls, he is in fact a pedigree Shorthorn. Now 10 years old he is a firm family favourite and a gentle giant. Some members of the family are petitioning for him to retire into the back garden when he is no longer able to work. Opening Times  Wednesday 9am - 3pm  Friday 9am - 5pm  Saturday 10am - 4pm  Please observe our C-19 precautions in the shop— one customer (or group of related customers) in the shop at a time please.

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