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Weekly Diary 19/9/19

A week in farming (with a butchers shop)

Good news at last this week (no we haven’t found the answer to Brexit), but our two cows due to have their calves in August have finally got round to it. One heifer calf and the longest legged bull calf we have ever had, produced by one of the favourites in the herd, Snowdrop. Arrival of her calf caused some excitement on Wednesday evening when we decided (a bit late in the day when it had gone dark) that perhaps it would be better if she calved inside. Despite some gentle (and a bit of more enthusiastic) coaxing, Snowdrop made it very clear that her intention was to calve out in the field and we had to acquiesce.

Out in the fields, the weeks long drought is taking its toll. The cattle have made it clear that they don’t think they have enough grass, and the sheep clearly have the same view, as they keep escaping from their field. It’s nearly the time of year to plant the winter cereal crops, so we have been busy tidying up the hedges and clearing out some brambles that we’ve been meaning to do for a couple of years. If it rains, we might get to planting some barley next week.

In the shop, we’ve had a really busy week, selling a quarter of a cow half a pig to a very happy customer. Buying in bulk like this does attract a discount – ask in the shop if you’re interested. We also really excited that we have signed up to have a stall at the Framlingham Sausage festival on Sunday 13 October. Put the date in the diary and come along (and remember to have a light breakfast)!

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