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Oak House Farm Weekly Diary 21.11.19

Updated: Jul 30

Amazingly it’s been dry nearly all week! After the wettest autumn in recent memory, we have struggled to get the autumn crops in, but at last there was a welcoming green tinge to the barley field that is visible from outside the butchery in this morning’s sunshine. Fingers crossed that these small plants grow into a good crop as we need the barley for our cow and pig feed in 2020/21 and the straw for fodder and bedding.

We housed the last of the cattle for the winter this week, moving the heifers off their pasture to their newly renovated straw yard in Burstall

. The cows in milk and dry cows are still going out every day to graze on the stubble turnips, but they come back in at night. Only the donkeys are still out in the field full time, and the plan is for them to come in this weekend before the weather gets bad again.

There’s plenty of interesting products in the shop. We have a new trial batch of beef sausages, lamb from a local sheep breeder and our normal range of home reared pork and beef along with our ready-meals.

Finally, a date for your diary. We’re opening the farm on Saturday 7 December from 10am- 3pm (shop open until 4pm). Come and see the animals and try some tasty samples in the shop. We will also have some children’s activities and we’re hoping that Santa himself might pay us a visit!


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