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New arrivals at Oak House Farm!

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

During April we took photographs of the sows and their piglets at Oak House Farm in Suffolk. The pigs are pedigree pigs of a breed known as Gloucestershire Old Spots, they make excellent mothers.

In the picture here (taken in April) you can see Elizabeth, one of the breeding sows at the farm, and her piglets. The piglets (baby pigs) are about three weeks old. For the first six weeks, the piglets are kept in the shed near the farm house, just in case there are any problems. 

In the pictures below you can also see Mildred, when she is just about to give birth. She has been moved up to a shed near the house so the farmer can keep an eye on her and make sure she is ok. She is heavily pregnant and is laying on her side ready to give birth. Mildred was the first pedigree pig at the farm.

In the later pictures you can see that Mildred has had four piglets (a small litter for her). The pictures were taken when the piglets were about four weeks old.

In the bottom three pictures is Elizabeth and her piglets. They are now nearly eight weeks old and have been moved, with their mother, away from the farmyard. As well as Elizabeth there is another sow (female pig) and her offspring in the enclosure. Each sow has their own corrugated cover, however these two have chosen to go into the same hut and are sharing the feeding of the piglets.

This is quite common and can be beneficial. For example, if one pig has a very big litter and another pig a small litter, it puts less strain on the pig with the big litter. post to your Wix Blog.

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